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March 28th, 2016

paper birds

Working Towards a Sustainable Future

I spent today at SwanCon. Normally I spend all Easter there and fret about lost time in the garden. This Easter I made a compromise by spending it in the garden with one day at SwanCon. It has been a busy 12m and the garden was being neglected, the weather had turned and it was time to start the growing season. Also I had been promising myself that I would turn the 80cm high garden "tank" into two half sized gardens. A couple of times now I have filled the bottom of that tank with bales of straw and put soil on the top only to watch the "land" in my garden subside. Time to do something about it. Anything deeper than 30cm would be wasted soil so the two half sized beds were to be turned into wicking beds, water at the bottom and soil on top. I had seen it done on TV in Gardening Australia, found the instructions on the website, (http://abc.net.au) worked out where to source likely material and was ready to go. It would only take a day surely? It took two and a half and the hardest part was getting the spout out through the hole at the 10cm level so that the water would only rise so high and not turn the new patch into a bog. It is done now. I will give it a week to settle into a routine and plant veg next weekend.