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paper birds

Stories of Climate Change Survival

The stories that we tell ourselves can be powerful things. They colour our outlook on the world and they affect our interactions with people and the world around us. What I discovered at SwanCon yesterday was that we are not telling many science fiction stories about climate change survival. I can only guess at the reasons for this: it takes time to research and write a book, people may not have the words yet to describe the new society, the future will be shaped by a complex mix of technology and social change and it will be on a local scale.

While climate change is a global phenomena the specific effects will be local. They will depend on the prevailing winds and ocean currents, local geography and population distribution, supply chains and energy resources and also the political climate and the resiliance of the people.

So there are many questions that can be asked about the future and therefore many stories that could be written in response. Perhaps the topic is too big? Then we need to break it down into manageable parts. Cat Sparks asked us where are the stories about proactive governments who create policies and social structures that make it easy for private enterprise to do the right thing for the land and its people. Perhaps the current western free enterprise structure has been around so long that younger people have not known anything else. Then we have to look to other societies, both past and present, for answers.

What I would like to do in this space for a while is tell the true stories that I find from the past and present that can act as a springboard for the science fiction stories of our future.