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Re-reading My Evaluators Report

Time to start sorting out the to-do list, and where better to start than my evaluators report from the major interim report. There has been another minor one since then which I suppose should have gone on the list in the last post!

Anyway stop procrastinating...

1) "The Fellow agrees that the Reference Group now has a role to validate the Work It Out approach and assist with dissemination."

Hmm... So I need to find a time when at least the local peeps are all free and hold a half day workshop to go through the material produced so far. There are some holes in the teaching material that I am not going to have the time to fill – perhaps they can help with this.

2) “The major focus of the remainder of the Fellowship will be on dissemination - developing a ‘community of scholars’. The Fellow sees this as not ‘selling’ the Work It Out approach, but in using it to start a conversation about learning and teaching.

I need to develop a community of scholars and use the WiO approach and the associated resources to start a conversation about learning and teaching.

Question… How/where is this conversation to take place?
• Face-to-face at conferences?(poster/presentation) > Immediate but ephemeral and not sustainable
• In journals? > Very slow but physical output
• Web interfaced discussion > Difficult to start and difficult to sustain but physical output
• Face-to-face in workshops > Some physical output, fairly immediate feedback/discussion. Need to find ways to capture the conversation.

3) Website needs on-going maintenance.

True and we can work on this at the end of semester when my Web Dude has finished teaching for the year.

4) The rest of the collected data needs to be analysed and turned into journal papers / conference presentations.

This can happen after the Fellowship has finished – if there is ever enough time!

5) Final report has to be written.

6) Plan for on-going research.