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Where to from here?

It is week 9 of a 17 week semester and this is the first time I have sat down to map out where I am going with my Fellowship this semester. There has been soooo many distractions.

1) I didn't get as much buy out for my teaching as I would have liked, not for a want of trying and not for a lack of money but just for a lack of people to do the job.

2+3) I am organising the Physics post-grad conference and the Women in Physics lecture as part of my Australian Institute of Physics committee membership. This counts as part of my service workload for the university.

4) As is organising a couple of talks for the undergraduate physics students by successful physicists on how they ended up in the job that they ended up in. Penguins and everything...

5) Staffing the physics bit of the Science and Engineering Help classes because there is no-one else to do it.

6) Joint research with a couple of other Fellows which I guess could be seen as applicable to my Fellowship in a broad sense.

7) Preparing a poster about said research for the ACSME conference in September

8) Preparation, not yet finished, for a workshop about <i>Inquiry Oriented Learning</i> at the discipline day at the ACSME conference. I have to find a way to work what I am doing with the Fellowship into it.

9) Sign up to give a workshop at the STAWA Future Science Conference about the Open Education Resources (OER) produced as part of my Fellowship, and how to use them. 5th December

10) There was a WAND Fellows Day at Curtin Uni where we chatted with people who were thinking about doing a Fellowship or applying for a grant.

11) There is a L&T showcase thing happening here at Murdoch this week and everyone is looking for posters.

12) A WAND Sharing day is coming up in October

13) I have done the corrections on my main WiO paper and resubmitted it for publication.

14) Physics at Adventure World is happening at the end of semester and somehow I seem to be organising that as well for Murdoch.

15) Finally there is the AIP Congress in December where I will be presenting my OER (Dr. C's First Year Physics Demos) and a presentation about the work the Fellows and I have been doing about engagement for students in a first year physic unit.

16) Most fun of all - I have a new piece of equipment that does reflectance spectroscopy. It fits into a suitcase! So I can use it in my office, if I tidy up, or I can use it at home, or in the field. Did I ever tell you how much I love looking at data and how fascinating I find light? Geek heaven!