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The Journey of the Fellowship Continues

Week 5 of second semester and today is the first day I have felt I have had enough time to spend a whole day focusing on my Fellowship. Yes, yes, I still dealt with the e-mails when I got in and in the breaks I have sent out info about a Post Graduate conference we are organising but on the whole the day has been focused on the Fellowship. This is a good thing as I have an interim report due by the end of the month and it has to go through the university process first to get the required signatures. So I did a bit on it yesterday and finished it off today, sending it to my evaluator so he can give me feedback. Talk about working from home - his home, at the moment, is on the top of a mountain in Switzerland! Where there is wifi there is life I suppose!

So what have I been up to for the last 7 months? Teaching mostly Principles of Physics, Modern Physics, Advanced Topics in Physics: Theoretical, Open University Physics and all the associated websites, learning and teaching materials and organisation. First Semester is my heavy teaching semester and it is chaos. Second semester by comparison is a normal sort of place. So this semester has been allocated the semester of "creating the community of scholars", a group of hard working academics who can find a bit of time to think about the ins and outs of what we do and how to put the material I have produced to good use. I know, dear reader, the thinking part is easy it is finding the time that is difficult.

Last semester was not completely devoid of Fellowship related activities. I have produced a suite of lecture demonstration videos for first and second year uni physics students, 31 in all. You can find them on my YouTube Channel Physics Vids under the name of Dr. C's First (or Second) Year Physics Demos.

I have given a couple of workshops and attended a couple of conferences, done a bit of education research and kept an eye on my post-grad students who are doing their own research into renewable energy. I have even had some success baking fruit cake and muffins but I am still burning the biscuits because. Still my oven is another story.