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Update to date.

My last post was about 6 weeks ago so what has happened since then?

WIO Website Launch

lecture theatre smallest

Well we had the launch of the website on the 12th February and it all went very well. I had booked the most splendid lecture theatre in the university mainly because it had a nice adjacent area for mixing and mingling after. As you can see from the picture it was not overly full so I used this to my advantage by corralling my guests into the back 3 rows using black and yellow site-under-construction tape. It worked very well and helped provide a contrast between the talking-head-at-the-front lecture theatre learning environment and the on-line-up-close-and-personal video presentation learning environments in the foyer.

foyer smallest

In the foyer there were 5 learning environments, showcasing the videos and the website.A desktop PC student desk, iPads in a tutorial setting, laptop with comfy cushions, projection onto a whiteboard with seating simulating a small seminar and a projection onto a wall with space in-front for people to stand there and discuss what they were looking at.

Laptop smallest

I particularly like this picture of the desktop PC student desk set-up, which shows the textbook discussion between three of my tutors one of which is participating via a laptop. This was a bit of special effects on our part. I recorded the discussion with Rebbeca before she went on holidays then we recorded the rest of the discussion as though she was present on the laptop which had a green-screen on it. Then we added the recording of her onto the laptop in post-production. Nobody even noticed they thought it was for real, yes!

The feedback, provided by postcards posted into a box on the night, was positive and encouraging.

2-min Demos

Last week was a non-teaching week and as chance or design would have it the university has seen its way to employing someone to make videos – possible with an eye to putting more lecture material on-line. As soon as I found out about this development I was in, making a booking. I have around 50 lecture demonstrations I use in lectures which external students cannot see because we only record audio and capture of what is on the screen. So this was my chance! Video dude, empty rooms, flexible time – record 50 videos in 2 days – go! They are still in post-production so I am not sure how many we will end up with but there will be some and hopefully even David and his Tesla Coil! Watch this space!